The Netherlands

Early 18th century

H. 16,8 cm.

The funnel bowl set on a rarely seen spirally-ribbed inverted baluster stem, upon a folded foot. The bowl engraved with an angel blowing a trumpet inscribed PAX and a branch of laurel in her hand. The reverse engraved with a dove and a branch of olive and two banderols held in its beak each inscribed DE VREE ONS WYN VEREERT and DAER D’OORLOG BLOET VERTEERT (wine gives us peace whilst war gives us blood).

Note: The engraving probably refers to the Peace of Utrecht of March and April 1713 which helped end the War of the Spanish Succession. The Treaty was concluded between the representatives of Louis XIV of France and Philip V of Spain on one hand, and those of Queen Anne of Great Britain, the Duke of Savoy, and the United Provinces on the other.

Literature: For an English goblet with this rare spirally-twisted stem see Mortimer (2006, p.12, pl.13) where the author describes the spiral twist as an extraordinary feature, that whilst not unique is practically never seen.

Wine glass to commemorate Peace


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